Thursday, November 6, 2008

Returning to Fiction

When all else fails write about how busy you are.

Well I won't exactly. I'll just muse a little this morning on the muses and how hard it is to hear them when you are preoccupied with the minutiae of day to day life and how it seems to me to be even more impossible to hear them when you have limitless time stretched before you. Now that the election is done and life will do what life does with or without my vote from now on I can return to the activities that normally absorb all my attention, and that includes setting myself deadlines. I thrive on deadlines. I cannot seem to act at all without them. I have to get out my calendar and write down the date it's due… but more than that there needs to be consequences if I don't get it done, or frankly very little gets done.

Hey - I might have hit on why my novel never gets written - there is no deadline for the sodding thing. Now there is a circular train of excuses if ever I found one. I can't write my novel because I haven't got a publisher, I haven't gotten a publisher because I haven't written enough of my novel to attract an agent, I can't write enough of my novel because I don't have a deadline to goad me.

Man, I want out of that loop. I need a freakin' deadline with consequences. I'll have to put on the thinking cap my Pan Historia friends made me and work my way out of this dilemma because I hate circular excuses that result in lack of progress. I hate the sound of my voice uttering such excuses and more I am my own most vicious taskmaster.

Speaking of which it is time to get back to fiction writing in general. I have pretty much been laid off since my marathon writing session on Oct 26th. First I was exhausted and my hands hurt, but then the election has consumed me with tension and general anxiety. I speak no further about it because the web must be festooned with juicy little flies bursting with all and sundries various takes on that momentous night. I said my little piece and now I turn my face back to my creative endeavors. Where were we?

Oh yes - fiction. So I have to write a little horror and zombie madness. I got into horror through writing, I was not a huge fan of reading or watching, but now I really relish the genre, love to take a big bite out of a graphic portrayal of a zombie attack, or spend some time building up suspense in my other horror novel at Pan: 666 West End Avenue. 666 has been sorely neglected of late, and needs my doubting paranormal investigator and his computer geek sidekick to get back into action. We're just starting to scratch the surface of what lurks behind the peeling wall paper and the water stained tiles. Actually speaking of that original role play novel I could do a whole post on that one and some of the interesting history and coincidences over the years.

But right now I think I better actually go write some of that fiction I threaten…

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