Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Limit of Art Cannot Be Attained

I have felt the need to share some of my Pan Historia fiction here - but rather that copy and paste I decided to share a link. There is a little history to this selection, and not all the writing is my own.

This was a collaborative fiction novel with its roots in the old role-play site Ancient Sites. On that site you would join up with a name from some period/place in ancient history and that would define you. At the time Ancient Egypt was my bag and all my early collaborative writing pals hail from this period. There was definitely much more of a role-playing element to the site than there is to Pan Historia - for instance I would log in and BE the Pharaoh of Egypt in many of my online conversations. It was fun while it lasted though I certainly have no talent for that anymore. For a while at that site there was a very unified Ancient Egyptian group but over time schisms developed (all human societies/cultures fragment and evolve, even in the ether), and thus was En Intw Djerew Henet created. En Intw Djerew Henet roughly translates out as "the limit of art shall not be attained" and the writers that participated in recreating an alternate history Ancient Egypt were some of the most talented I worked with; both in capturing the drama of their characters and in the depth of their research for the project. My main characters in this fictional narrative are Tjeti and Itet.

So here it is with all the remaining existing posts by the writers that gave their permission to be reprinted and those that still had copies of their work: En Intw Djerew Henet: The Limit of Art Cannot Be Attained.

And for those among you that love Ancient Egypt here is a link to my old web pages: The Dictionary of Ancient Egyptian Religion. Sadly this project remains incomplete, but it still has tons of very useful information in it.


Lisa Kessler said...

Wow! I didn't know all these ancient history internet groups even existed! Very cool!

I enjoyed the ongoin story too...

Lisa :)

elvinaherewood said...

Ah Ancientsites website that brought back memories for me when I was there as Aithne Cornelius.

And that is how I found Panhistoria when ancientsites, anicentvines websites closed down.

Thank you Wyatt for sharing this info. :)

Pan Historia said...

It does bring back memories - indeed that whole series of posts brings back both memories of the early days of Pan Historia and of the last days of Ancient Sites.

The beauty is that we forge ahead and keep weaving great stories!

Hatshepsut / Kelly Silver said...

Alright, so I've kicked around the notion of reading this story for how long now? When you first rediscovered these posts I could think of little else and the moment you started posting I started reading. It was like crack. Then I had to abstain for a bit, became distracted and lastly was later afraid to go back. You know how I try not to pine for what I can't have.

So today I changed my mind decided I'm going to finish reading it all. The story is worth the time and too fantastic not to enjoy.

I can't wait to read up on what Tjeti, Sekhmet, Kemsit, Itet and the rest were up to. Oy! I'm back to being twitch with anticipation!!