Friday, March 20, 2009

Wyatt's Fiction

It's come to my attention that I got a lot less traffic over on Wordpress than I do here at Blogger. Understanding as I do that sometimes people are reluctant to click links or just don't see them I thought I would write this post to introduce you to my fiction blog over at WP. It's a collection of posts from my collaborative fiction writing at Pan Historia. I am reposting writing from three stories at the moment: The Midnight People, Turnskin, and Tombstone. The Midnight People is an original concept in the fantasy genre that derives inspiration from Celtic folklore and Tolkien that I consider a modern fairy tale. It often has horror elements and is written with an adult audience in mind. Turnskin is another original concept in the horror genre, this time, and features werewolves. Again I hope to appeal to an adult audience. I kept some pretty strict rules about lycanthropy and preferred to use a blend of both Western and American Indian folklore for inspiration. The last genre I'm reposting is the western genre with my posts from Tombstone. In this version of Tombstone we are moving much slower towards the famous gunfight at the OK Corral. It is a broad mix of fictional and historical elements with an emphasis on being true to the period, though not necessarily dates. In all of these role play collaborative fiction stories I'm just including my own writing (copyright reasons of course) but I do write from various points of view by using different characters to tell the tales.

So I hope I can encourage some of you to visit my fiction blog. Please feel free to leave me comments and even critiques. I don't mind. Some of this fiction is several years old but in revisiting it I have already seen that there is plenty of room for improvement. My goal is to become a better writer whether or not it's in a traditional format like writing a novel or in the area of collaborative fiction.


Emily Cross said...

Hi Pan,

How are you?

i'm sorry to bother you, but I've recently started up a community forum for writers called the The Writer's Chronicle(mainly for those who blog) where we can meet and discuss all that is writing with other 'online' writers. Also with the recent addition of some published author members we have decided to set up a section to support published writers and help them promote themselves and their books - as we all know how hard it is to get published and how its even harder to get a large readership!

I know this email is out of the blue, but i was hoping that you might drop in and take a look around and perhaps join if your interested?

I'd greatly appreciate it,


Emily Cross

Here is the link:

Pan Historia said...

Thanks for leaving the comment Emily. I'll take a look at your site today if I have the time.