Thursday, December 11, 2008

Blog on Blogging!

My friend Tank Girl (no not the real Tank Girl but the Pan Tank Girl but I think she's even cooler I assure you) thinks my blogs are interesting. I know this to be true because every thing I have belittled myself in front of her she has not fallen silent out of a polite refusal to validate what I say, but rather vehemently denies it and tells me she always reads my stuff.

For this fact, as well as many other endearing character traits, I must always love TG.

I do not come naturally to blogging, but like anything I put my mind to it is something I fully intend to learn and become proficient at - much like I managed to accomplish writing happy puffy promotional pieces for my marketing department at work (instead of blistering exposes of folks with seriously bad habits).

You, my sparse and probably Spartan readers, are my cute little guinea pigs. I'm testing my skills on you. Only by your comments and continued endurance can I get a hint of how well I'm doing. Feel free to burnish me with Brillo pads until I'm as shiny as stainless steel. I promise that no matter what I will improve… and I will keep at it.

Cue sinister Hammer movie's music and evil mastermind laugh…

Oh dear. I see I have been getting the ellipses get away from me again. Didn't I just read a blog reproving writers for that flaw? Seems I did…


Hey, on the bright side a school teacher told me I was a natural writer just yesterday. She ought to know!


Peter of Dreux said...

TG's not the only one to read your stuff, Wyatt. Your commentaries about the challenges of creative and collaborative writing are all things that I can totally identify with, as I've either struggled with or experienced firsthand those same issues. They're all very good discussions for new and experienced writers to consider, because it's easy to forget some of those subtleties and details when one is excited about a new venture.

The Muse said...

Personally, I think teachers and professors tend to judge writing from students as whether or not they themselves like the particular I laugh a bit when I think of days past from my "critics" and graders!

I would not be here if I did not like to be ...challenged!

By the are right it was Lucy and the Vitavitavegiem (sp) LO

The Muse said...

Ok it is sooo late, and I am sooo tired...I left out the last L, in my previous comment....
Don't want you to think I had changed my name to LO....

Scarecrow said...

I've never seen anyone use the word "reproving" before. I had to go look it up.

It's probably used in all those books people lie about reading that you actually read.

I love Tank Girl.

Were comments supposed to be relevant and not random?

Hatshepsut / Kelly Silver said...

I'm a cute little guinea pig? You always know how to flatter.

I typically read everything you write for us (your loyal band of followers) with minor exception, and I don't believe I've missed any of your blogs.

So far I find the blog a good read, just like your novel posts. You've always got a great feel for readability and audience. If folks are interested in your topics they will enjoy your blog.