Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Very First Post

Ok, I've decided to try this blogging thing. You might think, consider my writing credentials, that I'm getting into this whole blogging business a bit late - you know I didn't put the cart before the horse, or even the cart after the horse but not I'm running way behind feeling a bit verklempt. Don't ask me if I spelled that right. The point is that I am late in the game and we all know that usually means you missed the bus.

However... and this is a big however... on the off chance that I did not miss the bus and am, in fact, still driving the bus, even though it might be adorned with big day glo daisies and bumper stickers for political campaigns about thirty years old, I am here, and I am blogging.

So - what can I fictional character blog about? Actually I'm not entirely fictional and so this blog will be a smoothie style blend of what I do at my community site,, my writing, and any other odd and assorted random topic that enters into my mind (like a sieve). I might even delve into politics (as I'm off-site as it were, for me). At this point I have no idea if I can be an erudite blogger or an entertaining blogger, but I'm hoping I can be an addictive blogger: "I have no idea why I log on every day to read Wyatt's blog but it's like crack, man, I just can't stop myself".

Now I'm going to go adorn my blog with all the obligatory bells, whistles, and wigdets. Be back with more stunning thoughts later.


Hatshepsut / Kelly Silver said...
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Hatshepsut / Kelly Silver said...

Dangit - deleting leaves a ghost on your blog, sorry about that! Anyway...

Musings like this reminds me of all the reasons I consider our friendship invaluable and your personality to be one of the most charismatic and intriguing personalities I've ever known.

Hope you're having a splendid Halloween - I've decided to go out as a naughty librarian. *GRIN*